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Homestead Lanes
Homestead Lanes is such a cool venue to be @,
People live right by it, its 5 bucks, and the inside is super nice.


I could not hear myself at all, and nobody else could either in the crowd. Its so loud in there its probably annoying to people listening and I hope nobody thinks IM annoying!!!!!!!! Sandro (sound guyyy)was doing all he could!!!!!! AH! I LOVE THE PLACE but not the room! I couldnt even get into it,


thanks for listening,bye.

Metro Active Article OUT NOW
Cadent Uncovered
South Bay Rock Band goes Original behind Nichole Cheri's powerful vocals
January 18, 2011 - by Steve Palopoli

Once a cover band, Cadent, led by 20-year-old  vocalist Nicole Cheri, now play their own material.

SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD girls ask their dads for cars.  They ask their dads for designer jeans and iPhones.
What no father expects to hear is "Dad, I want my own rock band."

But that's what Nicole Cheri said when she turned 16.  She'd been fronting her father's classic rock cover band
since she was 12 years old, an experience that had to be  pretty intense for a pre-teen.

"There were some weird venues a 12-year-old probably  shouldn't be in," she admits with a laugh.

The 20-year-old singer and lyricist for the South Bay rock band Cadent, who play Homestead Lanes on
Saturday, Jan. 22, knows that if it weren't for her  parents, she wouldn't be where she is. They saw her
vocal talent long before she herself knew what she had.

"My parents took it into their hands when I was  really young," she says. "I started out doing
competitions and things like that."

Now a state vocal champion several times over,  even Cheri is a little shocked when she hears
recordings of herself at a young age.

"I'm like, 'Damn, I was 10? Really?" she says.

But after four years, Cheri wanted the chance  to find her muse. She knew Motown, she knew
classic rock, but she was missing some pretty  basic points on the teen-music curve.

"At 16, I didn't know who Motley Crue was," she says.

She quickly learned. Upon teaming up with  lead guitarist Jonathan Beachler, who would
be the main architect of the band's sound,  Cadent started out as a cover band. They were
covering everything from Pink to Sublime to  AC/DC to Incubus, and making money doing it.
But unlike most cover bands, this one had a long-term plan.

"It was very structured," says Cheri. "It was like, 'We're going to do cover songs for this long, then
we're going to write our own songs.' I was always  writing lyrics and things, and Jonathan always wanted
to write songs."

A year and a half ago, the next phase kicked in, with the band's sound not so far away from that of Cheri's
favorite group, Paramore. Cadent is slightly heavier, less faux-punk and more straight-up rawk & roll, with
a dark and stormy edge. It's a sound that suits Cheri's vocals, which have far more range and nuance than Hayley
Williams ever imagined being able to sing with. For the  record, though there are some eerily similarities to Williams'
and Cheri's stories (performing when they were barely into  their teens and finding their bandmates at a young age),
Cheri is not a fan of how things went down in that band.

"She wanted the limelight to herself from the beginning," says Cheri.

While that certainly must be a relief to her band-mates,  the early days were not without their moments of turmoil,
like a lineup shuffle that left the band scrambling for enough musicians to play their sets.

"We were desperate, like 'Anyone? We don't care if you're on drugs!'" remembers Cheri.

Once the dust settled, however, the current lineup was in  place, including Beachler on lead,
Spencer Roberts on guitar,  bassist Nate Skelton and drummer Kern Sigala.

"We're all pretty easy to get along with," she says. Which  isn't to say they don't have
some good arguments over the music:  "We do, but we're still friends."

When it comes to writing the songs, Beachler will usually  come up with musical ideas and
bring them to Cheri, who  doesn't waste any time writing lyrics for them.

"As soon as I hear his ideas, I pretty much go to town,"  she says. Then it goes to the
rest of the band. "We start  working on it, and something happens."

Cheri's lyrics are not cheery stuff, from the angry  rebuke of an alcoholic leech in "Not Now"
to the romantic tangles of "Like Tonight." But she's open-minded about it.

"Anything can inspire me," she says. "Mostly people who piss me off."

While there was a little hesitation from at least one member of the band about giving up lucrative cover-band
gigs for more difficult to book original sets, Cheri says  the band's pop sensibility and appeal to young audiences
have made the transition fairly smooth.

"We took ourselves out of the scene and started writing for a while. Once we started playing
again, it wasn't hard  for us," she says.

Despite performing for more than half her life already,
Cheri says that most of the time she's not the extrovert people expect.

"I'm really shy, even to this day," she says. "But it
just takes the intro to a song to get me going."


Saturday, 8:30pm

Homestead Lanes, Cupertino
$5 "

 Hey everyone!!!

We will be featured in METRO MAGAZINE THIS WEEK!


Heyyy Cadent Fans,
We are cadent, and this is our first LIVEJOURNAL post : )

Cadent has been together for a while. Well, the OM (original members) have been together for four years. Cadent has been together for aboutttt......UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUhhhhhm.......... I'd sayyyy...... A year and a half? (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)We came together through friends, and well, craigslist. As stupid as it seems, it was the best thing! Even though things with ONE HORMONAL TEENAGE GIRL and 4 OF THE MENLIEST OF MEN can get a little crazy, we are all really good friends and all have the same musical goals. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, WE DONT WANT DESK JOBS!!! We would rather spend our precious hours of the day writing our lives away through the songs that all of you love. I can't wait until we have a finnished product for all of you to hear, but first, stay updated:



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